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Discovery: Session 1, Week 1

Greetings Discovery Families,

Considering it was only 3 days long we had a VERY full week in Discovery! It has been wonderful to see familiar and new faces in our circle.

The Discovery Tribe has been spending a lot of time bonding and getting to know each other. They have taken on team-building challenges such as The Name Stock Market Game, Paper and Tape Challenge, and a color conversation walk. While team-building games can be fun and challenging, it is exciting to see bonds and friendships forming.

Throughout the week we have been working on our Lip Dub challenge, an Acton tradition. Discovery selected ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ as our song and worked with their Homerooms on memorizing lyrics and developing choreography. The learners have been working so hard on this, and on Friday each group was able to perform their segment for the rest of the tribe and receive warm and cool feedback. Everyone is excited about what they have accomplished so far and energized to keep working to make our film even better.

For Art learners created Hero Boards where they had the opportunity to share things unique about themselves, their values, and what they hope to contribute to the world.

On Friday we discussed the Excellence Process at AABC, and what ‘excellence’ means to each of us individually, whether that was putting in their best effort, taking on a big challenge, making a final product that they are really proud of, or something else. The Discovery Tribe defined the parameters of the Excellence Committee and learners volunteered to serve and uphold those parameters.

Looking ahead—next week we will continue to get to know each other and bond as a tribe. We will begin discussions about our Discovery Contract and start Core Skills with our squads. On Friday we will spend the day at the Alpine Scout Camp.

Kind regards,


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