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Discovery: Session 1, Week 3

Another week, another fantastic set of adventures for our Discovery Falcons! As we transition into Autumn, the learners are too here at Acton.

This week, we launched our mornings introducing more systems and concepts for the learners to utilize for the remainder of the session, and year. Monday, we introduced our visual board of SMART Goals for the learners to challenge themselves individually. These goals will pertain to Math and Lexia for every week and session of this school year. They will get to reflect on their plans at the end of every week and see if they met their goals. There is no limit to how far we can go!

In addition, we discussed a story about a Hero’s Journey, and our capabilities as learners to become influential leaders. These discussions gradually transitioned into the commencement of the excellence committee. This consists of learners who volunteer to be responsible for approving the works of other learners. As part of the committee, the learners ask and verify:

1) If what they showed you is their best work

2) How have they improved from last time

3) How did they compare to a world-class model?

For their official first Quest of the year, the learners shifted into Survivor’s Quest! The first challenges of the week included foraging right in our backyard and eating edible insects (yes-even guides!). The learners also learned to make traps out of bottles, saws, and skewers and make their own fires! This week, we also had our first Town Hall of the year. This is a discussion led by the learners entirely where they present topics that they feel strongly about that they want to change or improve. Once the discussion is held, they vote together on what they want to keep or pass.

Moreover, we began our first discussion on Civilization and had a valuable discussion on African Kingdoms!

In conclusion, we started our first Writer’s Workshop with Michal! Their first challenges for this session are to write a Hero’s Journey Essay, create a Hero’s Board, and draft a speech. While they dissected these questions, they were challenged to think about which of these was most important to each and one of them:

1)Who am I? 2)Whom do I want to become? 3)What do I promise?

Here is our final video of our Lip Dub! Enjoy :)


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