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Discovery: Session 1, Week 5

It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left of session one! As we get closer to the end, the Discovery Studio is preparing for the final two weeks and our first exhibition of the year! On Monday, the Falcons started their week with a launch about respect and when we should give it to others. Throughout the week, we touched on personal growth, conundrums, and character callouts. Every Wednesday we do conundrums, while every Friday we launch the mornings with character callouts. These start with a learner in our studio, and then we can give out character callouts to others outside the studio!

For Quest, we discussed the importance of water and how we consume it more effectively. The learners were challenged by exploring water cycles and creating experiments like filtering water, condensation, and even evaporation. We also had more learners make fire, and had our first successful fire! Moreover, we had an amazing launch about what would be most important if we were to be alone to survive… food? Shelter? Mental strength? Or something else?

For Writer’s Workshop, the learners continued working on their Hero’s essays and boards. During Thursday’s circle, the learners discussed effective ways to have their Hero’s board approved. One way is by having a learner approve another who has been previously approved for their excellent work. Because the learners learn at their own pace, excellency can range depending on your writing levels!

For Art, the learners emerged in the world of symbolism, where they discussed the works of artist Basquiat and the symbols hidden in his famous art pieces. They were challenged to create a piece that included a symbol that represented them.

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