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Discovery: Session 2, Week 5

We had three new learners from the Sparks coming for tryouts of the Discovery Studio this week. Ella, Logan, and Omri joined us for discussions, core skills, quest, writers workshop, and physical education. All the learners from the Discovery Studio welcomed them warmly and helped them get acclimated to all the different activities happening in the studio.

The learners have been working on their continental maps for over a month now, and their maps are starting to come along. At the same time, they are learning loads about the differences between continents, countries, states, and cities. In Launches, we explore how different parts of the world live life differently than we live here in the United States.

The different talents the learners originally started to visualize for the talent show are beginning to become something much more than just an idea. Many learners spend their free time ensuring they will have the best 3-minute performance they can show to their friends and family. It’s always exciting to see how what once was only a dream is slowly but surely unraveling into reality.


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