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Discovery: Session 3, Week 1

This week was eventful in the discovery studio. On Monday’s morning launch, we talked about why squads are essential and discussed what the learners should consider when choosing their squad leaders. Later on that day, the learners who wanted to be squad leaders gave a short speech to explain why they are a good fit, and then all the learners took the vote for their squad leaders. Being a squad leader enables the learners to work on their leadership skills and practice holding others accountable using the right mix of warm-hearted and tough-minded attitudes. On Tuesday’s morning launch, we came back to the question for this year, “what motivates a hero?” We watched two videos of rock climbers and then talked about taking risks and living out their passions. The learners were asked if they would quit following their passion considering the desire is life-risking.

This week the learners got an opportunity to finish all the different projects they were working on. On Monday and Tuesday, they got to choose between working on Writer's Workshop, Acton Athens, Talent show, or Maker Space. On Wednesday, we had the exhibition, and the learners were very excited to share everything they have been working on with you. The Acton exhibition is an entirely learner-driven event, and our learners planned and executed everything by themselves. Those events are very different from teacher-led events in the traditional systems. The learners get to practice and experience so many skills like time planning, choosing the hosts, writing the script, designing the space, and much more. The outcome is never perfect or mistake-free, but the process and reflection afterward are the crucial parts.

On Thursday, we had a surprise day to create a break between the sessions. The learners organized the studio for the new session, enjoyed the indoor and outdoor free time, and then spent three hours of pure fun and team-building on High Exposure.

On Friday, we opened our 3rd session! We have new squads (with four brand-new squad leaders!), and we started a new Quest: Edison’s Lab! The learned are going to spend two hours three times a week on hands-on electricity challenges.

We want to thank you for coming to the exhibition this week, and we are looking forward to a great new session ahead!

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