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Discovery: Session 3, Week 6

On Monday’s morning launch, the learners were asked to describe what do they like about AABC. We had an insightful discussion, and it was interesting to hear the different aspects each learner appreciates. On Tuesday’s morning launch, we watched this video about famous failures. We asked the learners if learning about the failures of giants like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and Albert Einstein inspire them more or less than hearing about their successes and why. On Wednesday, we discussed leadership in the studio, and on Thursday, we had the elections for squad leaders for the next session.

The learners worked hard to finish their projects and infographics for Quest this week as they prepared for the exhibition. On Tuesday, Orange and Rockland paid us a Hero’s Visit: they brought three representatives who shared inspiring stories on their journeys of becoming engineers. The learners were genuinely engaged and asked great questions during the presentation. This is an excellent opportunity to thank the wonderful Jeanne Davis for organizing the visit!

The learners have been working diligently to finish their podcasts and musical performances. Here is a link to the library with all the ready podcasts.

On Friday morning, the learners gave each other 360-degree feedback. Each learner wrote to three other learns two stars and a wish about the past session. All feedbacks are on Journey Tracker, and you can ask your child to share the feedback they have got.

We want to thank you for joining our exhibition today. Enjoy your break, and we are looking forward to seeing you next session!


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