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Discovery: Session 4, Week 6

We have reached the final week of Session 4! We hope you enjoyed the exhibition that the learners worked so hard to plan and execute. At the end of every session, the learners fill in 360-degree Feedback. They take some time to reflect on their peers and share two stars and one wish. In this session, we added a rating system; this helps the learners see specific progress they have made throughout the session. You can ask your learner to know the feedback they got on their Journey Tracker account.

As the weather is getting warmer, the learners can choose to meditate outside in the grass area. Meditation is a great way to reset in the middle of the day so that the learners can be ready for the rest of the afternoon.

Our last discussion for Civilizations this session was wrapping up chapter 8 of the Great Dynasties of China. We had an insightful discussion about the impact that the Chinese had on the world. One of the discussion questions was: Which invention of China’s Golden Age has had the most impact on the world today: Printing books, Silk fashion, and jewelry, or Gunpowder?

This week we finished round 4 and 5 of the Chess Tournament. Throughout the session, the learners had an opportunity to win prizes, and the learners who won the most chess games in the tournament received respective medals.

We hope you enjoyed all the stories, art projects, and music videos during the exhibition. Here are some links to the beautiful projects shared by the learners on the exhibition: WW final videos and Music final videos.

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