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Discovery: Session 5, Week 2

Week 2 started with the Discovery learners going to Tenafly Nature Center. We went on a few hikes and saw a turtle and frog at the trail's end. After the walk, we had an activity where we learned about all the animals rescued and saved by this nature center and engaged with snakes, lizards, and even an owl! The field trip ended with a fire pit and SMORES!

We had another two Hero Visits this week. Shannon, the owner of Acton Academy El Salvador, visited us and shared about her journey of opening up her own school and another family business in a foreign country, and the struggles her family faced while doing so. Then Jeanne (Colin and Katelyn’s mom) visited and spoke about leaving the corporate world as an employee and following her passion to become self-employed. Jeanne was vulnerable about the risks of making this type of career change and was open about the challenges and struggles of this decision. Sharing those aspects of the hero’s journey was an excellent experience for the learners. They got to see and realize the hardships and realities that an entrepreneur can also face on their journey.

Finally, on Thursday, half of the learners had a field trip to Tevaland. They helped the chicks learn how to fly, fed pigs, brushed the horses, and gave so much love to the rescued animals. Everyone had a great time. If your child did not get to go, no worries, they will be going next week.


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