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Discovery: Session 5, Week 2

On their second week of Quest, Discovery was sparked with discussions about stock investing. One of their challenges was to play a stock market game and figure out what stocks they wanted to invest in. On the other hand, others continue to explore what businesses they wanted to create for the Business Fair. Moreover, the learners also had a stirring discussion about taxes! One of the questions they discussed included, “The taxes you pay when you buy snacks, work, own a house, win the lottery go into things like fixing the roads, having schools and libraries, having a president, and running a government. Do you think taxes are mostly a fair thing or a not fair thing?”

For Special, the Falcons were engaged in making chocolate bars of many different combinations while others created their commercials for their chocolate company! In addition, the rest worked on creating their logos to label their chocolate bars once finished. The learners have the choice of making chocolate bars, or truffles to then wrap in wrapping that can be found in the real world!

For CIV, the learners continued to explore the Aztecs and Mayans this week with an interesting launch on Moctezuma, an Aztec emperor's headdress that is found in the middle of a conflict about where it should belong: Austria or Mexico. Some discussion points include, “Should historical artifacts that were received through colonization be returned to their country of origin?”

Written by a Discovery learner

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