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Discovery: Session 5, Week 5

Monday’s Morning Launch was about William Kamkwabama, who built a windmill to power his home in Malawi. William could barely read English, so he used the diagrams from textbooks he found to build the windmill. Kamkwabama’s message to everyone was, “Trust yourself and believe. And whatever happens, don’t give up.”

On Tuesday, we discussed the importance of mentors during our Hero’s Journey. We introduced five key roles a mentor can play: The Challenger, The Cheerleader, The Educator, The Imaginer, The Connector, and we talked about the differences between them.

For Friday’s Morning Launch, the learners were able to find the treasure! Once the learners share 25 character callouts, they can move on the US map and guess where the treasure is hidden. This week the learners decided to go to Louisiana and find the treasure: An Ice-cream party next week!

Many of the learners have partnered up to create some fantastic projects for art. Check out some of their work in the weekly picture folder.

In Civilizations, we read chapter 11 about Clovis, an ex-barbarian and the first ruler of France. Clovis set out to unite the warring barbarian tribes, ultimately convincing other Frankish chiefs to swear allegiance to him. The Falcons had a lively discussion about the more efficient way to become a leader and unite your people (Morality aside):

  • An attitude of aggression and dominance, or

  • An attitude of peace and compromise.

For Writer’s Workshop, many of the learners finished their memoirs and have begun doing their peer feedback and revising their stories.

Chocolate making was a hit this week: The squads were working hard on crafting their chocolates, wraps, and advertisements. Next week we plan to have a chocolate party and have the Falcons share their unique creations.

Next will be extra packed with a hero visit, a field trip, 360-degree feedback, chocolate+ ice cream party, and the business fair on Saturday!

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