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Discovery: Session 6, Week 2

The learners did some awesome things this week in AABC, like a new GC/growing curiosity quest, a new WW challenge, and more! Only on the AABC newsletter!

The first topic I want to discuss is the new Growing Curiosity Quest: Drama Quest! In this quest, we get a particular movie or play and lyrics for it, and we must memorize it and act it out. One squad had Aladdin, and they each had different scenes to remember and act out.

The second topic I want to discuss is the Writers Workshop's new challenges. The first new challenge is creating a timeline for your hero: The learners have to write 8-10 events in their hero's life. The second challenge is to write a brief biography of the hero.

Lastly, the learners had Stream Assessment this week. They got their feet wet and discovered larvae, worms, salamanders, and other living critters. The guide from AmeriCorps taught us how to catch these critters as well as different things about them. A whole new living world was discovered. What was once just a dark stream has become a place streaming with life!

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