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Journey: Session 1, Week 5

The highlight of this week was the first half of the “Interview-athon”! Seven Falcons stepped into the role of interviewer, asking hard questions, coming up with follow-ups, and recording the event. Ask your child about their experience and hear about the inspiring heroes' stories we were honored to listen to.

Niko led a unique launch about future paths and made the learners think about their next step: would it be college or now? And why.

Shahar led a launch about web cookies and the information they gave us and made the FFalconsre-evaluate their choices regarding their data.

The Falcons started planning their exhibition and are determined to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you! We can’t wait to see how it will fold out.

One of the learners' favorite Quest challenges this week was about Carnegie's (the author of “How to win friends and influence people”) famous quote: If you lose an argument, you lose it, but if you win, you still lose.”. The learners paired with each other and chose a topic they disagreed about. The challenge was to discuss the topic for as long as possible without turning the conversation into an argument.

For Civ, the Flaocns explored Michelangelo and the Sistine chapel. One of the questions the Falcons debated was:

As centuries have passed, the millions of visitors to the Sistine Chapel have introduced sweat, dust, and heat, which have begun to damage it. You are the Pope in the year 2050, almost 550 years after the Sistine Chapel was completed. Sadly, this epic achievement is beginning to deteriorate. Do you:

  • Introduce protective elements and climate control, leaving it accessible to the public but in a very compromised way,

  • Close the Sistine Chapel to the public, maximizing its lifespan but preventing humanity from experiencing it in person, or

  • Let it run its natural course and hope as many people visit it.

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