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Journey: Session 1, Week 7

We made it to the end of session 1! The Journey studio continues to work hard and focus on our learner-driven style.

For Genre and Quest, the Falcons concluded their friendship strategy and different friendship tools. The learners had great conversations that allowed them to reflect on respect and how they treat and view their current friendships.

On Wednesday, we went to the Mollicone woods to compete in a nature scavenger hunt. The winning team was awarded ice cream but selflessly offered no ice cream unless the whole studio could have it.

Wrapping up the daily schedule, our learners focused on two new topics for Civ.

  • Accelerated change the modern revolution

  • The future

Two topics allowed the Falcons to sit and discuss possible outcomes using data and information which they researched.

Heading into session two, we are looking forward to a new Quest, Planning a Trip, a new Genre, Historical speech, and a talent show! In addition to Core Skills and Civ challenges, all those will create a fascinating session we can not wait to start.

All in all, the first session had plenty of ups and downs, but we saw the studio progress and move forward together. I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing break.

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