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Journey: Session 1, Week 7

This week in Journey was the last week of the session. We had our exhibition, and we compiled our badges!

In preparation for our exhibition, we greenlighted each other's write-ups. To greenlight something, the studio votes whether or not something is approved by writing an x (for not approved) or a v (for approved) on the paper.

This week, we compiled our badges. We made our Civ badge, Quest badge, Genre badge, and any other badge we finished this session. Our badges are a way to collect our work for the session, so we copied and organized our challenges into the badge document. Also, anybody who still needed to get a badge plan made one!

We gave each other 360-degree feedback. On a scale of 1-10, we rated the effort to be kind, to do your best work, and to stay focused for each person. We also wrote warm and cool feedback on each person. After this, we read our results and then reflected on what we should change, what surprised us, and the most helpful feedback we received.

Since Friday was rainy, we could not have Forest Day at Alpine Scouts Camp. Instead, we took the time to compile badges or have free time. We also played a lot of team-building games.

Every week on Tuesdays, we have outdoor team-building games during free time. This week, we played a game where there was an evil dictator and a bodyguard. The bodyguard protected the evil dictator from being hit by the softball the regular civilians threw. We also played Telestrations. Telestrations is a drawing game where everybody picks a word from one of the cards, draws it in a whiteboard booklet, passes it on, and the next person writes their guess. The game goes on until the booklet is complete, and we then look at each booklet from start to finish to see the chaos.

We hope everybody has a great week off and is ready for our upcoming physics session!

Written by a Journey learner

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