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Journey: Session 2, Week 2

The second week started strong: Aleks graduated from Discovery and joined Journey! The Journey learners helped her understand the basics of the studio and the differences between the two.

The Falcons started drafting their Launch for their speech in Genre, learning about the tagline, three main points, and Call to Action. They got to focus on these parts and chose their main message for their speech. This was tough but they used their hero as inspiration and all came through.

For Quest, the learners focused on their itinerary, budget, and flights. They created strict schedules for their vacation trip and researched sites to see and places to visit. They had to think strategically to plan a cheap but good trip.

With the weather great for most of the week the learners went outside every day.

On Thursday the learners from both Discovery and Journey gathered up for Aleks’s graduation ceremony. Aleks shared her speech, all the learners shared something they learned from her or a wish, and we ended watching slides with great pictures of Aleks from the past two and a half years.

On Wednesday all learners had a hero’s visit with Taly, the founder of Teva-Land, a non-profit rescue farm. The learners asked a ton of questions and listened carefully to Taly’s inspiring story. At the second half of the visit, the learners met and spent precious time with the rescued animals that Taly brought from the farm.

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