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Journey: Session 2, Week 3

The third week started well. The Journey learners completed their first day challenges with a flash, and while doing this, some of the learners set themselves weekly challenges like finishing the challenges on the day they’re due.

During Genre, learners started by working on their hooks and taglines. They then had to finish their rough draft. During the week, they gave themselves and other people feedback to make their draft up to an excellent standard. After that, they gave each other critiques and changed their draft based on that.

For Quest, the Falcons looked over their work and gave feedback. They revised their budgets and made alternatives for last-minute changes. They paired up with another learner to do fun survival simulations. They researched seats and flights that they would use during their trip.

The learners got all their gear on with the cold weather for most of the week. They went outside and played in the woods, and on Wednesday and Friday, they hung out at the Mollicone Park.

For the first time in the session the learner gathered for Town Hall. They voted for the slips in the bin, and then they decided to do Secret Santa on the final slip. They took papers out of the hat and got the Falcon they will give a present to.

Overall, all the learners made a lot of progress this week and had fun. See you next week!!

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