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Journey: Session 3, Week 1

After a well-deserved break, we are back for the first session of the new year! Here is what happened this past week of session 3.

In this Genre, we are diving into practicing gratitude and reflecting on what we value and are most grateful for in life. On Monday, we were assigned to go outside and write about what we could tell using our senses and why we were grateful for each of them. 

For Civilization, we went deeper about the famous WWll and debated whether we would have made the choices of the famous people who participated in the war if we were them.

And for Quest, we are learning about the Cold War and the McCarthy trials. For the Cold War, we were each given a task to make a timeline of an event that happened during the war. Some are doing Apollo 11, the Soviet-Afghan War, the Vietnam War, and others. We also learned more about U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy. We were left with this question: Were Joe McCarthy’s actions defending the United States against Communism, or were they endangering the civil liberties that make America remarkable?

In this session, we are playing two new games; the first is the civility game. To win, at the end of the day, everyone will rate from 1-10 the studio's kindness and civility as a whole. If we get 8.5 or higher, we get to level up. When we finally reach the end of the game, the studio will get a reward. The fairy cards are used when someone sees another doing something kind. They can tell that person to get a fairy card, which offers surprises: Falcons can receive more Falcon bucks, get a free sticker, get a prize, or get a free drink from Starbucks.

This happened during this first week; stay tuned for the next week's report!

Written by Journey Learner

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