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Journey: Session 3, Week 2

For Genre this week, we had to create our Myth-based play! We were split into two groups; each chose a world-class Greek Myth, wrote a script for the play, and then practiced it together many times. After both groups were ready, we filmed both plays, and Carson edited the final version (link).

During the Trial Quest, we were given three different Trials to choose from: Socrates Trial, a Criminal Trial, and a Civil Trial. Each Falcon was challenged to determine their role in their selected trial and then research and write an Opening Statement.

Art Quest posed an exciting challenge. We had to draw objects from different angles and directions. We then had to draw our hand, foot, and face, and finally, we drew 2D and 3D shapes, with a specific type of shading that we learned from the resources given to us.

This week the Civ question was: Do external threats cause a civilization to unite and advance or cause a rise in government power that causes societies to fall? Why? Give examples from your research to back up your position.

We had a lively discussion about taking ownership of the yearbook on Town-hall. In addition, we started creating a list of ideas for specials we wanted to add to the schedule.

On Tuesday, Ava G led a morning launch about Growth Mindset. Here is the first question we discussed: Imagine trying to get accepted to the college of your dreams. You know that you have worked so hard, and you are positive that you will get in. You can imagine the surprise you felt when you opened the letter and found out you didn’t get accepted. Do you:

  • See this failure as an opportunity to grow off of and keep trying,

  • Give up on your whole college dream, and hide the letter from your family and friends

With the snow from last week dotting the parking lot, we played with the snowballs, and even if some Falcons got hit in the face, we still had tons of fun :)

Written by: Shahar Leshem

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