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Journey: Session 3, Week 3

Hello, this week was very different than past weeks and we had a lot of interesting hands on activities like making our own escape rooms in Quest, and even making a project based on our Civ! I hope everyone had a great time and learned more by using their knowledge in an engaging way.

Genre this week consisted of Journey learners now focusing on critiquing each other's letters and reading their deep books. Since they got to choose who they wrote as and who they were writing to, there was a lot of variety in what they were writing about and how they went about persuading the person on the receiving end of their letters.

For quest, this week Falcons made their own escape rooms and clues, ranging from word searches to placing a hint on our classroom globe. This week was so fun as everyone tried to complete all the clues even if they were extremely difficult. Additionally on Thursday we had my favorite concept for a challenge. Learners were to research currencies and make their own. Once they made their currency they would copy it and then have another falcon recreate it, putting your currency to a test via Discovery learners trying to guess the real bill out of a lineup of 3.

Civ this week was based around the Prelude to The Revolution, which consisted of tensions between colonists and the British. With questions putting you both in the position of both King George III and American colonists, and a hands-on project where we researched on Tuesday and then created some form of a project relating to our Civ Thursday. This week's questions were a great summary of what we have learned so far, my favorite being:

You are a 19-year-old American patriot eager to fight British tyranny. Your parents are staunch loyalists, happy with the life they have built. Your father explains that you will be disowned if you leave to fight the British. Do you:

  • Fight for your freedom or

  • Abstain for your family?

All these fun activities we had this week took a lot of effort so I hope everyone has a wonderful restful weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one as well.

Written by a Journey learner

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