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Journey: Session 3, Week 5

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great week! Our week has consisted of everyone in Journey focusing on completing this last push for the session, either catching up on past work, or honing in on the last revisions or additions to their work. This is great since now we can take a step back and really see the result of all the hard work people did this session!

Learners had a fun and exciting week, going on a trip to one of Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh. There were many interesting things ranging from a demonstration of the uniform to a tour of the house that Washington inhabited for 18 months. Not to mention the collection of items they have upstairs containing ammunition, guns, and other paraphenalia such as a lock of Washington’s hair.

This week during Genre, learners finally got to share their second letters in groups to critique each other, allowing Jouney to revise the letters, ensuring they are of the best quality they can produce. Journey also wrote their deep book review and will be working on revising those soon as well!

Quest was really fun this week as Journey started choosing their characters, fleshing them out, and practicing their new lines for the play! Everyone put a lot of personality into each of the characters so I'm excited to see the final products.

In our Civ discussions learner talked about Shays Rebellion and whether there are exceptions to laws, and the Articles of Confederation considering how each law or regulation would affect the amount of power the government would have in each situation. The questions this week were engaging but I found myself considering the one below:

Imagine you are Daniel Shays, a former captain in the Continental Army. You are about to lose your farm to the debts created by high Massachusetts state taxes. Do you:

  1. Agree to pay the taxes even though this means you will lose your farm and become destitute, or

  2. Refuse to pay and start a national rebellion against excess taxation, even though you know the state militia will move to imprison you and crush your rebellion?

Wow, the session is almost over! Time has flown by these last few weeks, and we have learned so much so far, I can’t wait to see all of in our exhibition. Have a nice weekend!

Written by a Journey learner

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