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Journey: Session 3, Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of Session 3! Plenty has happened this past week, so let’s get to it.

Starting with this week’s Genre, we did our final edits on our gratitude speeches, making sure it was our very best work before we were to present them, and you will get to see our speeches next week at the exhibition. We also created gratitude boards that included a painting or drawing about gratitude, our written speeches, and any other touches we would like to add. 

For Civilization, we discussed Joseph Stalin and his impact during the Cold War. We touched briefly on the atomic bombs as well. We debated the question: “Did atomic weapons make the world safer because world wars became too risky or more dangerous because one mistake could obliterate the world?” Another topic we discussed was the UN, or the United Nations, and whether or not it still serves the same purpose in our modern life as it did in the past.

As for Quest, we prepared further with our McCarthy trial arguments, perfecting them to be good enough to go against our opponents. We went more in-depth as our characters wrote more evidence to back us up and ensured we had strong main points. For our costumes, we brainstormed further for accessories and props to add to our costumes to make our outfits more authentic to our characters.

And finally, for team-building games, we went to the woods on Tuesday and played Snap, Crack, and Pop. The rules of this game were that we were to be separated into groups of three, and each group had a snap, crack, and pop. When one of those three words was called, a teammate would run around everyone in a circle, go under their other two teammates' legs, and dive for three items in the middle, so one team would be without an item and would only be left with one bad point.

That concludes what happened this week. Stay informed with next week’s newsletter!

Written by Journey Learner

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