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Journey: Session 4, Week 1

With Presidents Day on Monday, we came in on Tuesday to an exciting new Genre. After choosing the most meaningful biography we have ever read, we decided on three biologists that sparked our interest. We were given a list of different types of biologists such as animals, cells, or biosphere to choose from. Finally, we decided on the one biologist we wanted to research and wrote a quick 20-second pitch explaining why we chose them.

This session’s Quest started on an egg-citing note. All of the Falcons were given an egg to protect for the week. You would be surprised to hear that ⅔ of the eggs survived until Friday! We spent time researching the answer to the question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. We wrote and then revised our answers and on Thursday went to the Discovery studio to see who persuaded them the most.

This Civ’s session focuses on The middle ages. One of the questions for this week was: Select at role: King, Noble, Knight, Monk, Merchant, Minstrel, Court Official, or Bishop.

Now, imagine you are in a King’s lair with four others, representing each of the other four roles. The King demands that you make your case for having the most critical role in European society. The least influential role will be chosen to hold the moving target in the next archery tournament. What is your case?

Tuesday started with a launch about excellence. The question we discussed was, “What makes something excellent: the circumstances or the product itself? This discussion led to introducing the new excellence game board we will be using for the whole session to raise our standards of excellence in a fun and exciting way.

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