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Journey: Session 4, Week 1

Start of the new session! I hope everyone had a lovely break because this next session will be a blast, literally. In this session, we will learn about chemistry and rockets during Quest, write a Flash Sci-Fi short story in Genre, and learn about the Industrial Revolution during Civ! This session has many exciting opportunities, so I hope everyone is ready.

In Genre, we started small, researching writing tips to get a general idea of what and how we would like to write. In addition, we also went and read similar short stories that were written by others and rated them. This was a great learning experience to understand what we do and do not like about sci-fi stories and think of how to avoid these mistakes! To finish the week strong, we brainstormed, thinking of characters, their flaws, their objectives, obstacles, the setting, time, rules, and the messages we wish to convey! Everyone got so creative, and I hope everyone will enjoy refining their ideas next week!

For Quest, the learner dove into creating their first rockets! They started by exploring different types of fuels, buying the materials, and planning their rockets! Take a look at the weekly photos to see them in action. This Quest requires a lot of hard work in teams, and the Falcons put all their effort into working with high standards of excellence.

During Civ, we started with the Constitution, discussing the most critical amendments and what amendment we would most likely use daily. Everyone had a tone of good answers, mainly when we discussed this question:

The Founding Fathers’ decision to preserve slavery in the Constitution and its consequential negative effects on Black Americans since has caused many to ask for reparations or financial payment to the descendants of slaves. Do you think the American government should pay the descendants of slaves? Why or why not?

This was such a fun and unique week, and next week will be just as fun. I hope everyone rests up so we can all have another action-packed week together!

Written by a Journey learner

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