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Journey: Session 4, Week 3

For Genre this week, we started by giving each other a critique for parts 1 and 2 of our biographies and then revised them based on the critique we got. The next step was to write down part 3 about the impact our hero’s discovery left on the world. Everybody worked hard on their biographies, researching sources of information to make their product good.

Quest this week focused on plants. We started by exploring whether plants are alive or not and how they differ from animals or humans being alive. We had an interesting discussion about the moral and practical aspects of frogs dissection, and each learner decided if they wanted to dissect a real frog next week or not. Each group started preparing experiments they wanted to share with their family and friends for the exhibition.

With the topic being ‘Putting the Middle Ages into Perspective’, the Civ question this week was: Which do you believe is the most pressing problem that threatens the fall of our civilization today?

  • the world economy and economic equality

  • the potential spread of diseases like Ebola

  • the decline of character, individual morality, and Western values

  • something else

On Friday, we had an exciting Socratic Smashdown! Using the knowledge we learned during the week, we discussed moral dilemmas related to plants. For example: is it morally right to introduce living plants to other planets like Mars?

Overall, the week went well, and the following week will be even better, with two field trips!

Written by: Shahar Leshem

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