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Journey: Session 5, Week 1

Session 5, Personal Finance, here we come!

The Falcons started creating their virtual stocks portal and deciding how they would like to invest their $100,000. On Monday morning, we had a launch about how they would prefer to improve their financial status by increasing their income or decreasing their expenses. We later discussed where they want more money for better quality: clothes, cars, or food and why. On Thursday, we had an interesting Socratic discussion about what is more critical: functionality or Aesthetics and why. The Falcons had an interesting debate on this question: Imagine you are ready to buy your first car. Do you prioritize performance, durability, gas mileage, and so on? Or do you want a vehicle that is a work of art, with gorgeous contour with a sleek and comfortable interior, pleasing you every time you look at it?

For Genre, the Falcons explored different questions related to personal finance. They decided which was the most interesting for them to explore and debate during the rest of the session. The Falcons also chose a quote that motivated them about money and created a Canva poster.

During Civ, the Falcons discussed the second transportation revolution. One of the exciting questions they debated was: Imagine You're Henry Ford, and it's 1903. Which group of customers will you serve first and why:

  • The ultra-wealthy (high margins but few customers)

  • The upper-middle class (balance between margins and number of customers)

  • The lower-middle class (razor-thin margins and high upfront costs, but lots of customers)

The Falcons can choose between passion time and Physical Education in this session. The ones who decided PE practice track, basketball, and soccer. Their final goal will be to participate in a 5K run at the end of the session.

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