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Journey: Session 5, Week 2

Week 2 was an exciting one, with three heroes coming in to speak with us! Valerie (Ava’s mom) came in and talked with us about her journey as a dermatologist and her holistic approach to medicine. Jeanne (Katelyn and Colin’s mom) came in and spoke with us about her recent career change and what it means to be self-employed as a social media manager. Shannon (from AA El Sal) also came in and spoke about her journey as one of the first Acton owners and what it was like to open an Acton outside of the United States. During each visit, the Falcons asked many questions and were able to see the hero’s journey from multiple perspectives.

For Genre, the Falcons who are working on E-Ship wrote a Google Form Survey to check what their potential customers think about their business ideas. They had to come up with at least ten questions to help them in making better decisions regarding their business ideas. (Tip: ask your Falcon what they learned from the responses.) The Falcons who are working on their Medical Fund Pitch decided which diseases they wanted to ask to funding for and what research ideas they will focus on. Then, they started writing the first parts of their pitches (i.e., the logos and a story of an actual patient who had or still has this disease).

Quest was all about patient diagnosis. The Falcons practiced their observation skills by analyzing this paintingand describing what they thought had happened in the scene. The second half of the week was dedicated to solving patient puzzles! The learners tried to solve the mysteries and learned about the decision-making process that every doctor has to face when they diagnose patients.

This week's morning launches were about different aspects of medicine and the ethical dilemmas related to those aspects. For example, on Wednesday we had a launch about telemedicine and the whether it is as trustworthy as a real doctor’s visit. On Thursday, the Falcons watched this Ted Talk and discussed the high costs of misdiagnosis and doctors' responsibility for those.

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