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Journey: Session 6, Week 5

Welcome to the fifth week of the sixth session’s Journey Newsletter!

We started this week of Quest by writing our fear and bucket lists. For our fear lists, we had to write 15 of our fears and force rank them. For some people, it was a pretty scary challenge, as no one wanted to think about, much less write about their fears, but everyone realized that writing down your fears and bringing them into the light made them a lot less scary. Our bucket lists consisted of 25 things that we would like to complete over our lives, and many people had some pretty interesting answers. And to embrace life this week, we had the choice of either throwing a surprise party for someone close to us or baking a cake for a neighbor we had never met before. It took some effort and planning, but the results were really good in the end.

For Genre this week, we were finally able to write our own poems! But before that, we revisited old poems and read a fable called The Appointment in Samarra. Once we finished our research, we got to work on our poems. Some were about death and the afterlife. Others were about life and opportunity. At the end of the week, we voted on the best poem, which will be shared during our exhibition.

In Civ this week, our main focus was on socialism, capitalism, and communism. Once we learned what they meant and how each affected society, we were asked our opinions on them. Here are some of the questions we answered:

  • Marx believed "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." In other words, those with ability and drive should support those who are unable or unwilling to contribute to society or the economy. Do you believe this philosophy would lead to a stronger or weaker civilization?

  • Agree or disagree; Luxury consumerism (consumers who buy luxury products) is essential to a good society.

In exciting news, we had another tryout this week (the third one in this session). She accompanied us on our trip to Skyzone on Wednesday, which was our reward for doing well in our closing groups. It was something that everyone looked forward to and turned out to be a really fun trip.

Although this week required some courage at times, it was a very fun and exciting second to the last week of this session. Thanks for reading!

Written by Journey learner

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