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Session 2, Week 3

This week was full of new challenges for the learners of Acton Academy! They started off the week with their second Studio Maintenance party. They split the party into two science experiments, one making a volcano, and the other making slime!

In Marine Science quests, they began learning about coral reefs and the impact they have on the ocean. During our launches the students were faced with tough situations. Questions were posed such as “Should corporations that use coral to create products have to pay a tax for the usage of that coral?” Many of the students agreed that corporations should have to pay a tax but some argued that the usage of coral should be outlawed in the production of products completely. In Quest time this week the learners investigated coral reefs in pairs. After researching coral reefs they planned their own coral reefs and then began to create them using various art materials.

On Wednesday the students participated in a duct tape/rope challenge called “Infinite Loops.” In pairs, the learners were stuck together with two interlocking ropes. The challenge was for them to find a way to unlock the ropes without disconnecting, untying, or ripping the ropes. For many of them, this challenge seemed impossible. None of the students were able to successfully free themselves. The following morning the students had a discussion during morning launch about frustration and perseverance. Many of them said that during the activity they became frustrated and that frustration lead to them believing that there was no solution and that it was impossible. After they watched a video that demonstrated the solution, they discussed why they felt that it was impossible and many of them said their frustration got in the way.

Wednesday also brought another online session with Lauren from the animal sanctuary. This time the students got up and personal with a cow in the sanctuary named Tucker. During the session Lauren discussed the importance of the sanctuary and how some of the animals, like Tucker came to be in the care of the sanctuary.

During Robotics, the focus was on building structures that could survive various types of natural disasters. Half of the students worked to create a building that would be able to withstand the impact of varying natural disasters. They built structures with reinforced walls, building constructed on top of pillars high above the water, and one group even constructed a system that would redirect flood water!

AABC finished off the week with two of the learners earning their spelling badges and the opening of the Eagle Bucks store!


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