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Session 3, Week 3

This week has been filled with laughter and learning for the AABC students! During Architecture Quest, they spent time researching heroes in architecture. Each learner picked five different architects and then narrowed that list down to one architect they could consider their “architecture hero.” They spent the quest sessions learning about that architect’s particular style and what inspired them to design the buildings they’re known for. Some students preferred architects who designed more rustic and outdoorsy designs while others enjoyed learning about more futuristic and technical designs. Next week the students will begin sketching out their initial designs for their buildings!

In Writer’s Workshop the focus has been on understanding how to plot out their stories. For this the students had to think of what events they wanted in their story and were challenged to think of a story like a mountain with the beginning being the bottom of the mountain where the story starts and the climb up the mountain being the challenges that the character faces before they reach the other side. The students also discussed what they felt was more important as a writer, trying to create something that was perfect on the first try or revising and rewriting something until you created a product you are happy with. Many of the expressed that it was better to revise and rewrite because it practice and working through things would make it better rather than trying to force perfection on a first try.

During Drama, the students worked on getting into character. They each worked on a sheet that outlined different details about their characters and their lives. After they filled out the sheet they were able to experiment with props and costumes! There was a lot of trial and error in this before they figured out what they wanted their character to look like. After they got into costume and character each group performed a short scene for the other students. As the audience, the other students provided cool and warm feedback for each group when they were done.

Construction of the city has commenced in Robotics. In the last two sessions the students have planned out a city in their groups and then began to build those cities out of Legos. The cities include things such as parks, water filtration plants, jails, malls, and food courts! In the coming weeks they will continue to build their cities.

The week wrapped up with board-game time and a badge ceremony for one of the students!

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