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Session 4, Week 4 (Online Week 1)

It has been an interesting week for the learners of AABC. This week marked the beginning of a transition to remote learning due to the state wide shutdown of all schools. Like everything, the students embraced this change as an opportunity for great learning. They expressed some fears about what’s going on in the world right now during our Monday morning circle in Google Meet, but it didn’t stop them from accomplishing their work. 

The schedule for the week looked largely the same. Each day starts off with a remote morning circle followed by Core Skills. Each learner meets with their squad leader via Google Hangout to set their goals for the day. They can choose to stay in the Google Hangout with their squad leader if they need assistance with anything.

After Core Skills they come back to share their goals with the whole group. On Mondays, Civilization follows Core Skills. This week they learned about King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and the Hanging Gardens he built for his wife. Although they weren’t able to complete an project like we do in the studio, the learners were still engaged in the story and had lots of opinions about whether or not the kings in the story were cowards, and if Princess Amytis should have agreed to marry Nebuchanezzar or run away. 

The school week even included two virtual field trips. The first one on Wednesday explored different parts of the body like the nervous system and the second field trip on Thursday was all about different types of insects. 

In Quest this week the students built their own levers and pulleys at home. Along with a small bag of materials they were sent home with, they were able to use whatever materials they could find at home. Some students used, styrofoam, cardboard and rope they found. Most students built levers that launched small objects. One student built a pulley in their backyard from plates, a cardboard box, and a sturdy rope. On Friday they built homemade marble runs. The creativity flowed as learners repurposed straws, books and cardboard boxes to make marble runs to further demonstrate the principle of gravity. 

The students were even able to celebrate a badge ceremony for one of the learners who earned her writing badge. Although she wasn’t able to physically receive her badge, she shared valuable advice with her studio mates to help them earn their own badges!

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