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Session 6, Week 4 (Online Week 13)

What a week it’s been for the learners of AABC! Their adventures this week included an exploration of photosynthesis and ecosystems, student led Socratic discussions, and so much more!

In Quest this week, the students transitioned from thinking about plants as individual beings, to thinking about how plants affect the ecosystem they live in. Monday’s challenge focused on photosynthesis and how plants are capable of manufacturing their own food. The learners talked about how the lack of sun for one of their planting cups contributed to that plant’s lack of growth. When they looked at the seeds that had been planted in the sun, these plants had grown much more because they were able to create their own food through photosynthesis. On Friday, Quest launch focused on understanding what an ecosystem is and what ecosystem they would like to live in. Their choices were, the desert, a mountain, or a rainforest. Many of them chose the rainforest because water is plentiful and there would be an abundance or resources they could use for food and shelter. They also had the opportunity to take a virtual field trip to different ecosystems and environments around the world.

This week we had two of our learners lead three different launches. The launches

were about the importance of paying attention to details, getting enough sleep, and thinking about what you would do if you were the last person on Earth. Each student wrote their own launch, found a video that they could use, and facilitated their own discussion! After the launch their studiomates had the opportunity to give feedback to them about the launch. 

During Town Hall the learner’s finalized a plan for buddy groups. One learner felt

that during quarantine the studio had become disconnected. She proposed that

Acton would have a buddy group, where the learners can get together during lunch and after school to socialize and play games. The object of this was to ensure that the members of the studio stay in contact with each other. The students voted to approve it with an overwhelming majority!

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