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Sparks: Session 1, Week 2

The second week of school at Acton started with Mindset Monday! :)

Next, was Team Building Tuesday, followed by Kind Words Wednesday! Throughout the whole week, the learners had many reflective Socratic discussions. The learners had a deep discussion on what they think are the most important things about learning something new. Feelings like fear, trusting yourself and learning with others. Our tribe of learners also discussed what it means to be a part of a team. They agreed it was a good idea to hold one another accountable by giving out firm, but also warm and compassionate warnings when needed.

The learners were introduced to the rationale as to why the guides at Acton do not answer questions. If a learner needs help they can turn to their squad members or their friends instead of a guide. The learners really liked the concept of first asking a peer rather than a guide.

During Sparks core, the learners are getting to know more and more tools for learning their math, reading and writing skills.

In Sparks Play Several of the learners challenged themselves to build a block tower that was taller than the tallest Sparks guide, and they were all smiles and extremely proud when they achieved their goals. This challenge became a very popular one.

For outdoor free-time learners made mud pies and played with their activity kits that are filled with bamboo sticks, toy dinosaurs, etc. The learners also took a walk in the woods to explore and inspect nature.

Another fun game the learners participated in this week is called the human maze game. This is a fascinating challenge of trusting your intuition. Each learner starts at one point in a maze of squares. Next the learner is asked by the guide which square they thought was the right path. This process is continued until the learner can find their way out of the maze by trusting their intuition. We will see you and your learners on Monday for another fun-filled week.

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