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Sparks: Session 1, Week 7

Dear Sparks families,

As the first session comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible week we've had. It's been a week full of learning, leadership, innovation, and fun, as our Sparks embraced new experiences and built lasting memories. Let's dive into the highlights of the past week:

Around The World Monday - Exploring Mexican Culture and Day of the Dead On Monday, our Sparks had an exciting journey into Mexican culture, specifically focusing on the vibrant celebration of the "Day of the Dead." They learned about the significant differences between Halloween and this Mexican tradition. The launch ignited their curiosity about the world, helping them appreciate diverse cultures and their unique celebrations.

All About Me Tuesday - Sparks Taking the Lead Tuesday was all about self-expression and leadership. Our Sparks rose to the challenge and led their own launches, demonstrating their creativity and confidence. It was an incredible moment of growth and self-discovery for them as learners got to share with the tribe the things that were important to them and why.

Wednesday - A Visit from Journey and Acton Robotics Team A special guest visited the Sparks Tribe on Wednesday. Journey, a member of the Acton Robotics Team, shared their latest robot creation with our Sparks. This hands-on experience provided a glimpse into the world of innovation and technology, inspiring our tribe members to explore their own interests and dreams.

Warm Heart Thursday - "Guess That Feeling" Game On Thursday, the Sparks Tribe had a heartwarming experience using the "feelings" cards they had crafted throughout the session. They participated in a delightful game called "Guess That Feeling." This activity encouraged empathy and communication, fostering stronger emotional connections within our tribe.

Fantastic Friday - Indoor Scavenger Hunt To wrap up the first session in style, the Sparks Tribe enjoyed an indoor scavenger hunt. They eagerly searched the school for various items and marked them off when found. This exciting adventure not only brought out the detective in each of our Sparks but also created a sense of togetherness and accomplishment.

As we conclude the first session, we're incredibly proud of the Sparks Tribe's enthusiasm, curiosity, and personal growth throughout the session. We can't wait to see what the next session has in store for our young adventurers.


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