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Sparks: Session 2, Week 2

This week in Sparks we started with Mountains. We discussed the difficulties when trying to climb a “Mountain” and the hurdles on the way. Do we help our fellow climbers on our way to the top? Do we keep on going without them if they say it’s too hard? Do we go on as a group? If it’s too hard, do we give up and go back down?

For Kindness Tuesday we focused on many reactions we can have to a situation. How would we react if we bumped into another learner and we both got hurt? Should I first take care of myself or should I take care of my friend? The learners with their many personalities had some interesting insights into each situation.

On Would you Rather Wednesday, the learners picked 2 volunteers to answer questions of “Would you rather” and the tribe voted on the most convincing answers.

We continued our feeling game with more words. This week the word was “silly”.

The Sparks are working on their acts for the end-of-the-session talent show. We can’t wait for you to see it.

This week we had Matan, Nadav’s older brother, coming to spend some time with the Sparks. They played many games together, the most popular one was “Simon’s Says”.

The learners earned 4 kindness stars this week for helping their friends. Go Sparks!!!

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