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Sparks: Session 4, Week 2

This week at the Sparks studio, we discussed Motivation: taking action to achieve our goalsת vs. Distraction: anything that prevents you from giving full attention to what you want to accomplish for yourself or others.

For our quest, the learners explored South and North America. They enjoyed saying “hello” and “I love you” in Spanish.

In celebration and honor of South America, we created eye masks and had a carnival of love!

This week, we had two inspiring guests sharing their stories about their culture: Yahli V’s mom, Yuval, who shared her perspective about the Israeli culture, and Kalina’s grandparents, Tom and Lilka, who shared their rich experience of different cultures around the world.

The weather is getting warmer, and we spend more time outdoor. The learners enjoy playing with our imaginary loose materials, including bamboo sticks, wood slices, rocks, and more. They create detailed adventures that change daily and practice essential skills such as planning, teamwork, and improvising.

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