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Sparks: Session 4, Week 4

Montessori works bring the learners so much joy! It warms our hearts to see the excitement when they discover something new or have mastered a new skill. In a similar manner, the learners also face so many frustrations and struggles. It is always a learning moment when they go through those feelings that learning is not always easy, but we continue to be persistent and work through those struggles.

For the Quest the learners continue to learn more about their bodies - this time the circulatory system - learning about what the blood is made of, how it travels, and a science experiment of how the heart functions. The learners have been enjoying Kaetlyn - a learner from the Discovery studio, reading books for the quest. We are all about continuing to hand over the responsibilities to the learners with the emphasis on a learner-driven community.

Nolan’s art passion and the learners have been designing their own studios this week. They learned about the 3D perspective, the depth, height, and width of the studio. Some of the learners had very interesting ideas of what their studio would like and the stories surrounding it.

We also have a movement shelf now where the learners are able to use the Spots or jump rope to release their energy. Ask your learners what that entails and if they got a chance to work on the art or movement shelves in the Practical Life area.

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