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Sparks: Session 5, Week 5

So what did we have this week?

Niko is using the Moveable Alphabet to write a story using inventive spelling. What is inventive spelling? When the learners understand the phonemes of the sounds, they are able to sound out the words phonetically and they are able to write stories. Yahli is using the Double Moveable Alphabet along with the yellow Waseca drawers to understand the ending -st blends. Gaya is working on the Hundred Board - it is a work that helps in number recognition, number sequencing, counting, patterning. Kalina and Shelly created an extension - a pattern with the Pink Tower and the Brown Stairs. These materials help in visual discriminations of size-length, width, weight and height, and it also serves as the base for laying the foundation for the decimal system.

What do you think about these explanations for the materials? Would you be able to share about it in the feedback form for this week?

For this week's Quests, the learners took a closer look at the flowers by understanding the different parts of the flower and how they grow. When planting corn and snap peas this week, they also gained an understanding of the fact that the learners eat different parts of the plant - some stems, some roots, some flowers and even seeds!

This week we had another new learner who joined us for tryouts. It is so lovely to see the learners welcoming new learners and explaining to them about the routine, procedures, and expectations and especially the fact that the guides don’t answer questions!


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