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Sparks: Session 6, Week 4

It has been a week filled with learning, exploration, and personal growth. Let's dive right in!

Monday was an engaging day for the Sparks as they had a captivating read-aloud session with the story "Going Places." After the reading, Sparks participated in discussions centered around comprehension and character analysis. They also imagined themselves in a go-kart race and shared their creative ideas on what they would do if they were racers.

Take-Off Tuesday was a blast as Sparks had their morning launch right in the heart of Alpine State Park! The air was filled with excitement as they experimented with different techniques of making bubble solutions and creating bubbles. The sky became a canvas of colorful spheres and laughter.

On Reflections Wednesday, Sparks embarked on a field trip to MEVO farm in Mahwah, NJ. It was a hands-on experience as they touched, tasted, and explored various fruits and vegetables. The highlight of the day was when the Sparks had the opportunity to create their very own salad using the fresh produce they had picked themselves. It was a truly farm-to-table experience!

Our Hero's Journey Thursday was all about self-discovery and empowerment. The Sparks listened to a powerful song about embracing individuality and discussed the importance of positive self-identity. They shared inspiring words that described their unique qualities, reinforcing the importance of self-acceptance and confidence.

Fitness Friday brought out the adventurous side of our Sparks. They fearlessly challenged themselves to climb trees and reach new heights. Every Spark took on the task with determination and resilience, pushing their limits while ensuring their safety. It was a day of conquering fears and celebrating personal achievements.

We look forward to the exciting adventures that await us in the coming weeks. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and looking forward to another fantastic week ahead!

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