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Sparks: Session 6, Week 5

The Spark's Tribe has been bustling with energy and excitement as we wrap up this amazing year together. Let's take a look at the fun-filled week we had!

To kick off the week, we watched a captivating read-aloud video of the book "Dog vs Cat." After the story, Sparks engaged in a meaningful discussion about how to interact with someone they may not get along with. They discussed the power of teamwork and the incredible things that can be accomplished when we work together.

On Tuesday, Sparks heard the story of "Sadie Sprocket Builds A Rocket." Inspired by the tale, they unleashed their creativity by designing their own rockets on paper. It was delightful to witness their imaginations take flight as they crafted unique and colorful rockets.

Wednesday was a day of reflection as Sparks created their own scrapbooks, filled with photos from their favorite moments from the year. Many Sparks have chosen to show their scrapbooks at the exhibition and can't wait to display their proud works of art.

Thursday brought out the inner heroes in our Sparks. They embarked on a new adventure, building birdhouses and learning how to follow printed directions. It was incredible to witness their focus and determination as they carefully crafted their birdhouses, understanding the importance of patience and attention to detail.

For our final day of the week, Sparks took on the challenge of hanging up their birdhouses in trees. It was a test of strength, balance, and determination. Some Sparks truly embraced the thrill of accomplishing a physical feat.

As we embark on our last week together, let's cherish these final moments and celebrate the growth and achievements of the Spark's Tribe. We can't wait to see what the future holds for each and every one of our amazing Sparks.


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