Michal Leshem

Head of School / Co-Founder

Discovery Studio Guide


Michal is a Modern educator with an extensive background in science and cyber technology. After working more than 15 years in Cyber Intelligence, Michal pursued her dream of becoming an educator. She obtained a Master of Education degree in parallel to co-founding Israel's National Cyber Education Center (CEC).

Michal developed many education programs for middle-school and high-school students in more than 70 schools across Israel and managed unique and innovative learning programs for computer science college graduates.

Michal is also the Co-Author of “The Exploring Twins” Book Series, an original book series for children grades K-4 who love to read and explore science. 

Michal worked as a guide in Acton Verona where she got to know and love the Acton system from the inside. Michal is a proud mother of 4 wonderful boys.

Shira Cohen
Co-Founder / Chief Administrator

Hetal Sampat

Sparks Studio Guide


Hetal was born and raised in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She is a
passionate Montessori guide who is devoted to working with young humans.

Hetal, originally trained as an Interior Designer, found her passion in educating and guiding young souls. Hetal completed her AMS Early Childhood certification from Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA and Montessori Applied to Children at Risk (MACAR I) from the Shelton School, Dallas, TX.

Her passion for being with young learners extends to tutoring them with the Indian languages and children at risk. Hetal’s additional passions are Swimming, Embroidery, Cross-stitching, Cooking, Baking, and Photography.

Siliane Pierrette

Discovery Studio Apprentice Guide


Siliane graduated from Nyack College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth and Family Studies. She has a heart that is geared towards developing and empowering others for life transformation. Siliane has experience working with learners for about seven years working in after-school programs, group homes, and preschools. Her passions are singing, writing, and being an all-around creative.  She desires to explore the world and has already traveled to Greece and Jamaica.  

Yair Leshem

Director of Development


Yair has been working as a Product and Business Development executive in the software and internet industry for the past 16 years. He has been leading large operations, projects, and teams to great success. 

He is the co-author of “The Exploring Twins” Book Series, an original book series for children grades K-4 who love to read and explore science. 

Yair believes that education is the key to making our world a better place and that it should constantly progress as the world around us does. 

Shira is a scientist with 15 years of experience in the field of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Shira headed a research laboratory, led many aspects of clinical developments, wrote scientific articles, and lectured in medical conferences all over the world.  

Shira holds a Master's degree in biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Shira is a mother of four, and along with her professional career she has led and executed educational projects in the fields of student nutrition, learning space renovation, and enrichment programs, as part of the parents-teachers-organization in Israel.

Jeanne Davis

Social Media Manager

Jeanne is a professional technical writer and editor with an extensive background in written communications. After earning her undergraduate degree with honors in English Composition, Jeanne became a Copyeditor for a recognizable consulting firm in NYC. Jeanne then went on to earn her masters degree in Organizational Change Management from Teachers College, Columbia University. For the past fifteen years, Jeanne has been applying her technical writing skills to senior management roles in both the transportation and utility industries. Outside of work, Jeanne loves being a mom to two children, gardening, and volunteering as a cat/kitten rescuer/foster mom.