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Sparks Studio - Ages 5-8


Embrace independence and being a good friend

Like Maria Montessori, we believe even the youngest child has important work to do: imaginary play, learning how to read, spending time outdoors, and exploring friendships. 


The Spark Studio enables the learners to embrace Montessori work and unstructured play to learn real-life skills and develop the independence, focus, and kindness needed to enter an Acton Elementary Studio.​

Spark Learners

  • Grow curiosity through hands-on projects and outdoor adventure "Spark Play."

  • Explore mindfulness, natural interests, and art, and have fun.​

  • Build the foundations of independent learning, reading, writing, communication, and math.

Studio Schedule


Follows a general organizational structure but varies daily, week-to-week, and session-to-session.

Example Sparks schedule:

8:10   –  9:30    Learners Arrive

9:30  –  9:45    Morning Launch / Circle

9:45  -  11:00     Core time (Reading, Writing, Math) 

11:00  -  12:15    Outdoor playtime in the woods

12:15  –  1:30     Indoor playtime

1:30   –   1:45    Studio Maintenance 

1:45  –   3:00    Outdoor playtime in the playground 

3:00 –  3:15      Daily Close & Reflection

3:15                    Dismissal

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