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The Process

Thank you for considering AABC! Our enrollment process is designed to ensure we are the right learning environment to meet your family’s needs. If you’re considering AABC, we encourage you to work your way through the following steps:

Step 1: Learning

First, explore our website. There are a lot of resources and answers here to get you started and ensure you have a basic understanding of what AABC is all about. This includes checking out the Acton-Related Resources page. We highly recommend reading Courage to Grow, as it is the foundation for Acton Academy’s methodology. In addition, check out our social media sites.

Step 2: Contact Us 

When you’re ready, email us at We will provide the registration paperwork at this time, answer your questions, and, as needed, set aside time for a more in-depth discussion regarding your learner and whether or not AABC offers the right fit for your family.  

Step 3: Complete The Application Forms

Fill out the application forms that we will send to you and ask two teachers or coaches to fill out a profile survey for your child.

Step 4: Family Visit 

After we receive the application, we will schedule time with the prospective learner and parent(s)/guardian(s) to visit the scholl and address any questions.


Step 5: In-Studio Try-Outs

If it is mutually agreed that AABC offers a highly promising fit and everything is aligned, the prospective learner will be invited to spend 2-5 full days in the AABC studio. This pre-admissions “try-out” experience is designed to ensure that AABC provides the right learning environment to meet your family’s needs, and vice versa.

Step 6: Invitation to Enroll

​The final step is receiving an invitation to enroll in the AABC learner community. Upon completion of all the steps, AABC will convey our decision within one to two weeks.

Tuition & Fees

Our annual tuition is $9900, plus a non-refundable registration fee of $400. Due to our size limitations, we cannot hold a learner’s spot in the studio (even if he/she has made it through the above steps) without the registration fee. Once the registration fee has been received and successfully processed, then the learner’s admission within the studio is confirmed.

Financial Aid

Limited need-based financial aid is available for qualifying families. 

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