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AABC's Team


Michal Lesham

Head of School

Lead Guide, Journey Studio

Michal is a modern educator with an extensive background in science and cyber technology. After working for more than 15 years in cyber intelligence, Michal pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an educator. She obtained her master's degree in education in parallel to co-founding Israel's National Cyber Education Center.


During her time in Israel, Michal developed educational programs for middle- and high-school students in more than 70 schools across Israel and managed unique and innovative learning programs for computer science college graduates.


Prior to co-founding AABC, Michal worked as a Guide at Acton Verona. Michal is also the proud mother of four wonderful boys and co-author of “The Exploring Twins,” an original book series.

Shira Cohen

Chief Administrator

Shira is a scientist with 15 years of experience in the field of cancer and autoimmune diseases. She has headed up a research laboratory, led many aspects of clinical developments, authored scientific articles, and lectured at medical conferences all over the world.


Shira holds a master's degree in biotechnology from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.


In addition, as part of Israel's Parent-Teacher Organization, Shira executed multiple educational projects related to student nutrition, learning-space renovations, and enrichment programs.


Beyond her career and being a mom of four, Shira is AABC's Co-Founder. She has been serving as AABC's Chief Administrator since its launch in 2019. 


Yair Lesham

Director of Growth

Since AABC's launch, Yair has served as AABC's Director of Growth.


Yair is also a full-time Product and Business Development executive in the software industry. For the past 16 years, he has been leading large operations, projects, and teams to great success.


He is also the co-author of “The Exploring Twins,” an original book series for children grades K-4 who love to read and explore science.


Yair believes that education is the key to making our world a better place and that it should constantly progress as the world around us does.


In addition to his career, Yair is the father of four wonderful boys.

Raymond Burns

Lead Guide, Discovery Studio

In 2021, Ray joined AABC as a Guide in Discovery Studio. Prior, Ray had taught H.S. Physics for several years and even led his H.S. Physics & Engineering Club to several State Competition wins.


Ray also is the creator behind a successful online business and has grown both a Youtube channel and Facebook Group dedicated to supporting physics teachers.


Ray first decided to become an educator after taking a gap year following high school. During that time, he traveled around the country doing service projects. It was then that he realized he had always loved learning but had disliked traditional schooling. He then decided to become an educator who would encourage students to discover themselves, find their unique passions, and build meaningful relationships. 

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Saiim Reynoso

Guide, Sparks Studio

Saiim is a trained ESL/TEFL Instructor with over seven years of experience teaching English as a second language and over five years of experience teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten.


Saiim graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.F.A. in English. Shortly after graduating college, Saiim earned his ESL/TEFL Certification in order to be able to teach English across the globe. This enabled Saiim to live in both Thailand and Dominican Republic, while teaching English to people of all ages there. An avid writer, Saiim has performed at various NYC venues.

Saiim has joined AABC because he has a deep desire to launch his own alternative education school in the near future.

Perla Tillman

Guide, Discovery Studio

Perla joined AABC in 2022 as a Guide in our Discovery Studio. 

She is a long-time Early Childhood educator, with over seven years of experience, who earned her degree from Bergen Community College. Within that time, she was awarded 'Most Valuable Educator' for two consecutive years and created programs to help bridge generations and people with disabilities in the Early Childhood sphere. 

Her long-time passions include education and being an advocate for vulnerable communities: locally, in the Dominican Republic, and in El Salvador. Her dream is to become a worldwide advocate for people with Type 1 Diabetes through self-empowerment and alternative lifestyles. 

For Perla, AABC is a journey to become a Master of her own destiny and help change the world through Acton’s philosophy. When not at Acton, Perla enjoys traveling, nature and music. 

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