Sparks Studio (ages 5-6)


Photo by Matthias Gaggl

AABC’s "Sparks" studio is dedicated to guiding children ages 5-6 along their path of development. This studio provides a nurturing and stimulating space designed just for young learners who are stepping forward into their own independence.


The learning environment provides the freedom to explore and play while allowing learners’ curiosity to be the spark that ignites learning. Along the way, Sparks learners also develop vital character traits and social skills like kindness, empathy, honesty, critical thinking, the satisfaction of performing hard work, responsibility, and joy in learning.


Inspired by Montessori principles and Socratic teaching methods, our Sparks Studio is a holistic environment that aims to stimulate children's minds, spirits, and bodies as they figure out the world around them and their place in it.

Discovery Studio (ages 7-11)


Photo by Matthias Gaggl

AABC’s "Discovery" studio is a community where children ages 7-11 embark on a journey to discover their calling to change the world. In this studio, learners discover the arts, sciences, history and the natural world around them through hands-on projects.


Simulations require teamwork, critical thinking and creativity. Through Socratic discussions, learners are encouraged to explore questions such as, “Who am I? Where do I find fulfillment? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me?”

This studio is primarily led by the learners themselves. Age-appropriate freedoms, within reason, are provided. Students are responsible to set their own goals, track their progress, navigate relationships, and reflect on their experiences. Guides provide guidance and support, but do not teach.

Skills in reading, math, goal-setting, as well as social skills, are taken into consideration for applicants to this studio.

Journey Studio (ages 12-14)


Photo by Matthias Gaggl

As young people grow into adolescence, their potential to impact the world around them multiplies.


Learners in AABC’s “Journey” studio begin to engage with the real world, experiencing the thrilling opportunities and responsibilities that come along with doing so. Each year, they will partake in an apprenticeship with heroes within the community. In turn, their projects will begin to have real clients, skills will be developed with new a degree of rigor, and discussions embrace a new level of maturity.

Journey Studio also offers a higher level of freedom, as well as a safe place to test one’s limits and to “fail early, fail often, and fail forward.”  

In addition, Journey learners tackle peer-to-peer quests and forge their character by immersing themselves in exceptional day-to-day adventures.