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Journey Studio - Ages 12-14


Learn to work hard

Acton Academy Middle School is where young heroes learn to work hard, tackle complex computational challenges, communicate clearly and persuasively, and develop the passion and real-world skills needed to make a difference in the world.  


Journey Learners

  • Master core skills through reading meaningful books and using online platforms at their own pace. 

  • Develop critical thinking and an appreciation for heroes and history through Socratic discussions.


  • Dive deeply into biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and finance through immersive quests and public exhibitions.

  • Prepare for the real world through challenging apprenticeships.

Studio Schedule


Follows a general organizational structure but varies daily, week-to-week, and session-to-session.

Example Journey schedule: 

8:10   –  8:45       Learners Arrive

8:45  – 9:00       Morning Launch / Circle 

9:00  – 10:45      Core Skills (Reading, Math)

10:45 – 12:00      Genre (writing) and Civilization

12:00 –  1:15         Lunch and Free Time outdoor 

1:15    –  2:45       Afternoon Launch + Quest

2:45  -  3:00       Studio Maintenance

3:00  – 3:15         Daily Close & Reflection

3:15                      Dismissal

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