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Launchpad Studio - Ages 15-17

Committing to a Next Great Adventure

Launchpad (high school) is where learners prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, whether the next step is a selective college, starting their own business, or landing their first job at SpaceX or Google.

Extraordinary young leaders spend time doing something they love, inspired by world-class coaches and experts, and having fun with friends as they create lifelong memories.

Launchpad Learners

  • Prepare for the real world through challenging apprenticeships, interviews with industry leaders, and deep reflection on how your gifts and passions align with a need in the world.​

  • Read deep literature, communicate clearly and powerfully, and tackle real-world computational challenges.​

  • Wrestle with timeless moral dilemmas through Socratic discussions in Civilization and through studio governance.

  • Dive deep into college-level biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, finance, and psychology through immersive quests and public exhibitions.​Serve in leadership roles in lower studios, their community, and around the world in the Acton Network.

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