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Journey: Session 1, Week 1

We are back, and how exciting is that?

The year's first two weeks are focused on team-building and building foundations. The Falcons played many games to get to know each other better and worked with their squads on different tasks, such as creating a short skit and building the highest tower from index cards and tape.

For genre, the Falcons started working on their Hero boards. They reflected on their unique gifts the challenges they faced last year, and started crafting a plan with their main goals for the coming year. Next week, they will create the posters and hang them in the hallway for the rest of the year.

The main second project for this week and the next one will be the Lip dub! The Falcons chose the song “Shake It Off” and brainstormed together for different ideas for their music video. Creating a lip dub requires A LOT of teamwork, so it will be a beautiful opportunity to practice perseverance, kindness, respect, and conflict resolution.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had an exciting discussion about “Who AM I”? We watched this video, and the learners debated the question, “What is most vital for you to describe when asked: Who am I?”

  • The way you look

  • Your thoughts and feelings

  • Your actions

  • Something else.

Last but not least, the Falcons were introduced to the foundation systems of the studio: the Honor Code, the Guardrails, and Freedom levels. Ask your learner to tell you more about it!

We look forward to seeing everybody on Monday, starting to film the lip-dub, and creating the contract!

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