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Journey: Session 1, Week 2

This week, we finished two projects: the lip dub, which we will enter in a competition against other Actons and our hero boards. We also started creating a contract and covenant for the studio, so we’re all settling into the new year.

In genre, we finished working on our hero boards. In the past two weeks, we had challenges about ourselves, including our heroic habits, gifts and callings, and most significant challenges. On our hero board, we arranged these pictures, inspiring quotes, and drawings of the monster we will face this year. To get your board greenlighted and hang them up, we had to have at least ten people approve your board or keep working on it until it got approved.

We filmed, edited, and finished our lip-dub to the song “Shake it Off”’ by Taylor Swift set in a movie theater. We all worked together through our disagreements and were patient with each other while filming. In the end, we made a fun and exciting lip dub.

We also planned our studio responsibilities for the session, ranging from Morning Greeter to Forest Day Planner to morning launches and closing groups leader. We have studio responsibilities to help us grow our leadership and responsibility skills. They also make the studio more learner-driven and ensure the tasks are all completed.

We had our first Forest Day at Alpine Scout Camp on Friday. We hiked and played many team-building games. We also had our first town hall meeting of the year on Friday, where the new Journey learners learned the structure of these meetings.

Next week, we will start our Behavioral Economic Quest and Genre, choose our deep books, and start to follow our more typical schedule. We are also excited to start the learner-led clubs next week.

Written by a Journey learner

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