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Journey: Session 1, Week 3

This week in Journey, we started our Behavioral Economics Quest and Genre. We also researched and found our deep books, world or life-changing books that challenge our views on the world. Another significant challenge we had this week was about “being a Giver” and how we can encourage others in our studio to give.

In our Behavioral Economics Quest, we tried experiments. One of the many experiments we tried was Walking and Thinking. Part of the studio took the other part on a walk. The second group was being quizzed with math questions, and they did not know that the experiment stopped when they stopped walking. The experiment aimed to learn about our automatic system 1 versus our analytical system 2 of thinking.

We started behavioral economics in genre, where we learned about John Haidt’s theory of the rider, the elephant, and the path. We also explored rational versus irrational decision-making and the emotions that contribute to these actions.

We researched and wrote our deep book pitches. We then presented our pitches, and the Journey learners voted on whether they thought the book passed the deep book criteria. We will now read our deep books and then write the reviews.

We also started our Civilliztion challenges this week! One discussion we had was about the essentials of modern civilization. A Socratic discussion question we discussed was:

What do you think Americans most take for granted? Technology, Health, Geography, Military, National finances, or something else.

At forest day at Alpine Scouts camp this week, we hiked and had free time at the ships and the field, where we played gaga. We also had our first official town hall meeting.

We are excited to see everyone next week!

Written by a Journey learner


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