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Journey: Session 1, Week 4

This week in Journey, we prepared Kahoots, visited the museum of moving images, and began writing with Six Traits Critique.

In quest, we all chose a behavioral economics experiment. Then, we researched the original experimenters and wrote a biography paragraph about them. We will use our selected experiments in October for our exhibition.

During genre this week, we learned how to use the Six Traits Critique. The Six Traits Critique is a process we use to rank another person’s writing within a trait, Sentence Fluency, to tell them what we think they did best and what we think they should edit. We gave specific examples of what we thought the person who’s writing we were critiquing should change.

Most people shared their deep book pitches this week, and we gave feedback to everyone so they can improve their pitch for the next time they read a life-changing story. If your pitch is approved, you will start reading your deep book and write a review shortly after you’re finished.

We couldn’t have forest day this week due to the poor weather. Instead, we stayed in the studio and had team-building games and town hall as we would have at Alpine Scouts Camp. On Friday, we also created our badges, which was very exciting.

Another fun activity we did this week was Kahoots. We all got into partnerships, making kahoots for the rest of the studio on whatever we decided as partners. Some Kahoots were about us, random facts, music, and anything in between.

In Civilization this week, our challenge was discoveries, innovations, and inventions. We learned about accidental discoveries, which led to the question, “What is the most important for invention, innovation, and discovery?” The options were scientific research, experimental trial and error, and accidental discovery.

This week's very fun event was our trip to the Museum of Moving Images! There was an exhibit about Jim Henson where we saw puppets in the making of the muppets and sesame street. We also recorded automated dialogue replacements over famous movies like Home Alone and The Wizard of Oz. We also enjoyed the engaging features like the stop motion making and the video flip book.

This was a very exciting week, and we hope the next one will be too!

Written by a Journey learner

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